Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Still nothing. Not that I was really expecting anything, mind you, but I'm still holding out hope, however futile and irrational that may be. Teachers in my neighborhood get back to work on Wednesday (that's tomorrow) and kids go back on the 30th. The liklihood of someone calling me, desperate for an English teacher, at this stage in the game ("can you start tomorrow?!"*) is pretty stinking slim.

I sent a letter to the principal of Local High School, reminding him that I'm still out here, still unemployed at any other school, and still really interested in working for him. I'm going to hit up all the other area schools for long term sub gigs, too.

I had a quasi-argument with someone in my health club the other day about whether or not I should just apply for sub jobs and use that as a means to get in the door. Her argument "for" was that it really is a good way to get yourself in the door - people recognize you, you're admired for your fortitude and reliability and, very often, hiring gets done from within. My argument "against" is that I'm not sure I can live my life by the ringing of the phone at 6 a.m., that subbing at the high school level isn't teaching, it's babysitting, that hiring isn't always done from within - I know this from personal experience - and that I'm not guaranteed a sub gig in English - I'm just as likely to be called in to sub for algebra (can you IMAGINE?! Me, who can't even figure tips!). This person works as a kindergarten and elementary school teacher, and she conceded that subbing in the upper levels is a very different proposition, but still believes that's the way to go.

When I had lunch last Friday with my former seminar groups (only one of whom has a job, by the way, and as an aide), I asked my supervisor, Sam, what he thinks I should do. His opinion was the same as mine; that I shouldn't take sub jobs and for the very reasons I laid out for the kindergarten teacher. If I can get a long-term gig in an English class, that's the way to go. So, to that end, I'm going to re-send resumes to the schools in the area and reword my cover letters to ask for long-term English sub positions.

Who knows? Maybe I'll get lucky.

(*the answer, in case you were wondering, is YES!!)


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