Monday, August 14, 2006

In a Fit of Optimism...

...I bought some stuff for my classroom today.

No, I don't have a classroom. I don't even have the PROSPECT of the CHANCE of having a classroom any time soon. Do I care? HELL, NO! I figure that going about behaving as though I WILL have a classroom will only help to spur things along. What the hell. Certainly can't hurt, right?

Anyway, I went on a bumper-sticker buying spree. I love the succinctness of bumper stickers; much wisdom expressed in just a few words.

I got these two because it's important to me to have my space be safe for EVERYONE:

and this one because it's one of my favorite sentiments (I also have it on a tee shirt, and the "narrow" is spelled out in the colors of the rainbow, which I thought was clever):
I got this one because we're implementing this thought process in our own home, and teaching kids to stop and think before they speak (or do) is never a bad thing:
Finally, I bought this one. Weedwoman insisted I get it because, well, I say this ALL the time.

The thing is, though, I can't bring myself to stick the things to my car. I can't, actually, bring myself to stick the things to ANYTHING. I'm planning on turning these into magnets.

Now I just need a classroom in which to display them...


Blogger HomeFireBlue said...

LOVE the stickers!

If you ever think of something you'd like to have on a bumpersticker (or magnet) just let me know and I'll whip you one up in my store.

For free, of course, cuz I luv U. ;)

Be patient about the job ... it's coming.


August 16, 2006 9:31 AM  

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