Wednesday, May 10, 2006

In Case You Were Wondering...

I am planning to keep this space up and running, even though my internship is technically over.

I am a collaborative creature. Having you all reading and responding, thinking and reflecting - not to mention reading - with me has been wonderful and profoundly helpful. I feel that I am a better learner, thinker and teacher because I've had you out there to consider this experience along with me. You've brought your questions and comments, advice and experience to this space; you've helped me see beyond my own little box. I live for this kind of interaction though it is, I've come to learn, not always encouraged or nurtured in English departments (or any departments, for that matter. High schools can be very secretive, competitive and proprietary places). If I can't have it at work, I'm damned sure going to keep it going here.

I have found that, despite the enormous amount of trouble it caused me in the beginning, blogging about my experiences has been a profoundly positive experience, and I intend to keep at it. I may not have a whole lot to say for the next few weeks, but keep checking in.

And thanks.


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