Wednesday, March 22, 2006

A Sick Day

I'm home sick today.

I would have gone in - whatever it is that I'm fighting off isn't affecting my GI tract, so I CAN still function - but I knew that CT would have kicked me out anyway, so I saved myself the trip. CT is very practical about illness: if you're sick, you stay home. I've watched her boot kids out of class and send them to the nurse's office when they tell her they don't feel well. Yesterday, she practically walked a girl there herself, as the child is protesting that she can't miss any more English class because the AP test is coming up and she doesn't feel ready. I've decided I'm going to find out when this student has free time and let her know I'm available to help her if she needs it.

Anyway, I'm here, wishing I were feeling better. CT is having a meeting at 10:00 (which I've been told I'm not to come in for even though I promised not to breathe on anyone) about one of the students from period 5 - the child who so occupies quite a bit of my thoughts and concerns. He's been escalating lately; he's gone from brushing off whatever he's doing with his sweet smile and "just kidding" to being outright defiant and confrontational. His case worker suspects there's something going on at home and arranged a meeting today with him (the case worker), CT, the child and the child's mother. I'm hoping to get a full email update when the meeting's over.

So I'm going to put my sick day to good use. I have some college work I need to do (it's about time to start compiling the portfolio) and I've got some correcting to finish. I'm also going to try to get some reading done; CTs been handing me an average of about two books a week and, even though she doesn't expect me to read them NOW, there are a couple that are intriguing that I want to get into (one is about a town in France that openly sheltered Jews during the Holocaust - Lest Innocent Blood be Shed by Philip Hallie - is first on the stack)

Oh, and I'm going to try to have a nap, because I want to go back to work tomorrow.


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