Friday, January 13, 2006

Still No Word

I've still not heard anything about what I'll be doing this coming semester (which begins, by the way, on Tuesday). Today was kind of interesting, though, so I thought I'd share.

It turns out that I managed to piss people in my former school off SO WELL that I wasn't even welcomed back into the building to retrieve my things. Okay. Whatever. My supervisor, Sam, was kind enough to go there and get the stuff for me. I went to an extension office of the university today to pick it up.

Sam was very genial and kind to me - just like he ALWAYS has been. He didn't make any overt mention of anything specific that happened, and agreed with Chief MM that it wasn't worth getting into anymore. I think he's kind of relieved that the entire situation has been dissolved; I could tell he was getting pretty damned tired of it.

As we loaded my stuff into the back of my car, he mentioned seeing me again at seminar on Thursday. I had asked the powers that be if I could keep working with Sam, and he is obviously agreeable to it, seeing as though he went to his bosses and asked if was okay for me to join my classmates for the weekly meeting despite the fact that I'm kind of a woman without a country at the moment. He also said that, if the university accepts the teacher who's offered to finish the year with me, he's going to need directions to my new school. That, to me, says that he's willing to stay with me, too - which is something I wasn't sure about until this afternoon - I'd been feeling like damned near everyone had cut me off, and his overtures to me were comforting in an almost visceral way. I'm really hoping that I can continue to work with Sam. I'd like SOME continuity through all this.

Oh, and one last thing that I found both sad and amusing at the same time? Before I left, one of my CTs had given me a scarf as a holiday gift. I had left it in the box of my things on my desk - the same box that Sam went to collect on Monday.

Guess what's not in the box now...


Anonymous claudia said...

OH--MY--GOD!!!!!!! Who,in their right mind,would have thought that "supposed" adults REGARDLESS of how upset they were,would behave so----I,honestly,lack the words!!!(PETTY comes to mind)And you KNOW that that is unusual for ME! These are people that are setting examples for our children? No wonder kids are using guns for conflict resolution!

January 14, 2006 11:22 AM  

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