Monday, January 09, 2006

A Second Try


If you stumbled here by accident, I hope you come back to read again. I'm using this space to write and think as I journey through the rest of an internship for a Master's degree in secondary school education, and I'm interested in getting feedback from my readers. I believe that having a lot of different perspectives on a situation helps me to expand my thinking and makes me a better teacher, thinker, and person in general.

If you're here because I brought you here, that means you're one of the few people I trust enough to share this with - it also means you know that I was previously burned to a damned-near unrecognizable crisp the last time I blogged about my experiences as an intern.

Even though there were several people who couldn't handle the kind of honesty I tried for in my previous blog - and it got me into more trouble than even I imagined possible - I found that writing about my experiences, and being able to share that writing with people who could offer thoughtful comments and insight, was a profoundly important part of the learning I did over the last four months. I'm hoping to be able to continue that kind of processing here, though the rules have changed significantly.

So, here's the new home of the internal workings of an intern. To those of you continuing on in this journey with me - THANK YOU. I'm not sure I can adequately express the gratitude I have for your friendship, your insight, and your support.


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