Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Final Exam Tally

And the scores are in!!

(and no - no one grabbed an A. Not even close; I just liked the graphic.)

One student got an 85 (he's the kid who wrote "VULCAN" on his paper, bless him! I sent him a personal email this afternoon, to congratulate him on the score). Two earned a 79, one got 78, and two more scored a 73. One managed a 72 and one more finished off the upper scores with an even 70.

Three students earned a 66, two girls got a 62, and I've got one each with 58 and 57. The two bringing up the rear chime in with a 48 and a 39, respectively.

Yeah, that's right. 39. Three. Nine. She got 61 questions out of 154 correct. She just didn't bother to do two entire sections, and really bombed the stuff she did do. Sigh.

The final scores for the course are due on Thursday, and I've given the students until tomorrow to finish the online lab work they owe. IF they do all the work (and don't crash too badly on the scores for that work), a good many will pass, even if they failed the exam. The boy who got the 48? If he turns in the rest of the work he owes me, and does as well as he's historically done with the lab work, he WILL pass the class. Scary, but true.

And yet? I still love this job.


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